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  • 2019 Labor Day Day Tournament flyer

  • 2019 Tournament Rules (revised 6-14-19).

  • 2019 Field Directions updated 6-11-19

  • Time is just flying by. Please remember that we consider this an end of season tournament and use the May 1, 2019 cut off date. Some teams chose to move up and others chose to stay the same as Spring. It is your choice. Teams seem to be slow in forming this year. You have until August 23rd to register. Please let me know as soon as possible if you wish to enter the tournament.

    Divisions are now being formed.


    U8 - Division 1
    1st place - White Marsh (Tim Burton)
    2nd place - Cockeysville (James Park)

    U8 - Division 2
    1st place - Bulldogs Baseball (Dan Moore)
    2nd place - Forest Hill (James Kautsch)

    U9 - Division 1
    1st place - Forest Hill (John Caslin)
    2nd place - Maryland Orioles (Justin Thomas)

    U9 - Division 2
    1st place - Herndon Hawks (Brad Blaisell)
    2nd place - Hereford (Bob Aiken)

    U10 - Division 1
    1st place - Fallston (Dan DePriest)
    2nd place - Stembridge (James Street)

    U10 - Division 2
    1st place - Joppatowne (Will Gardner)
    2nd place - Forest Hill (Scott Kalista)

    U10 - Division 3
    1st place - Hamilton (Brian Steager)
    2nd place - Carroll Manor (Richard Telljohann)

    U10 - Division 4
    1st place - Herndon Hawks (Jason Patton)
    2nd place - KOA Sports (Lorenzo Christy)

    U11 - Division 1
    1st place - Maryland Crush (Billy Greenwell)
    2nd place - Maryland Orioles (Mike O'Neill)

    U11 - Division 2
    1st place - Arlington Storm Red (Tim Mellett)
    2nd place - Rawlings A Prospects (Kirk Hunter)

    U11 - Division 3
    1st place - Kidball Baseball (Mike Levy)
    2nd place - Herndon Hawks (Chad Thompson)

    U12 - Division 1
    1st place - White Marsh (Doug Bassett)
    2nd place - Maryland Crush (Bill Greenwell)

    U12 - Division 2
    1st place - Lake Shore (William Shriver)
    2nd place - Herndon Hawks (Curtis Swanson)

    U12 - Division 3
    (Due to weather)
    Co- Champions:
    Bulldog Baseball (Jamie Hitcher)
    KOA Sports (Brock Hunter)

    U12 - Division 4
    1st place - Brushtown Bombers (David Staub)
    2nd place - White Marsh (Bryan Wolbert)

    U13 - Division 1
    1st place - Elkridge (Mike Brogno)
    2nd place -OPP Baseball (Niko Sanchez)

    U13 - Division 2
    1st place - The Baseball Warehouse (Ryan Larson)
    2nd place - Dundalk (Ken Langston)

    U14 - Division 1
    1st place - Gloucester City (Chad Zearfoss)
    2nd place - XP Baseball (Allan Gibbons)

    U14 - Division 2
    1st place - Gloucester City (David Wright)
    2nd place - Towsontowne (Clay Supensky)

    U15 - Division 1
    1st place - Mt. Airy Bulldogs (Jim Allnutt)
    2nd place - Maryland Bombers (Steve Gordon)

    U15 - Division 2
    1st place - Baseball Academy (Zach Wallace)
    2nd place - Fallston (John Shirk)

    U16 - Division 1
    1st place - Towson (Scott Mealey)
    2nd place - The Baseball Warehouse (Ryan O'Sullivan)

    U16 - Division 2
    1st place - Severn Post #276 (Frank Hood)
    2nd place - Hughesville (Dennis Scribner)

    U19 - Division 1
    1st place - Baltimore Rattlers (Dominic Peters)
    2nd place - Finksburg (Lonnie Mazza)

    U19 - Division 2
    1st place - Elkridge (Frank Lotz)
    2nd place - Forest Hill Storm (Tim Norcross)

    Click here to see the Tournament pictures which were forwarded to me.

    2017 2016 2015
    U8 Div 1 - 1st White Marsh (Gardner) 7-8 Rec - 1st White Marsh (Wolbret) 7-8A Rec - 1st White Marsh (Bassett)
    U8 Div 1 - 2nd Emmorton (Diepold) 7-8 Rec - 2nd Hickory (Kilchenstein) 7-8A Rec - 2nd Hickory (Carpenter)
    U8 Div 2 - 1st White Marsh (Power)     7-8B Rec - 1st Parkville (O'Neill)
    U8 Div 2 - 2nd Parkville (Devalli)     7-8B Rec - 2nd Carroll Manor (Barrett)
    U9 Div 1 - 1st Calvert Tide (Rodenhaver) 9-10A Rec - 1st White Marsh (Rommel) 9-10A Rec - 1st LTRC (Paquette)
    U9 Div 1 - 2nd Hickory (Kilchenstein) 9-10A Rec - 2nd Parkville (Powers) 9-10A Rec - 2nd Towson (Hanson)
    U9 Div 2 - 1st Carroll Manor (Townsend) 9-10B Rec - 1st Towsontowne (Pope) 9-10B Rec - 1st Carroll Manor (Miller)
    U9 Div 2 - 2nd Cockeysville (Weaver) 9-10B Rec - 2nd Middle River (Scism) 9-10B Rec - 2nd White Marsh (Rommel)
        U9 Open - 1st Brooklyn Pk (Emrich) U9 Open - 1st White Marsh (Redmer)
        U9 Open - 2nd Cockeysville (Dickens) U9 Open - 2nd Bel Air (Wheeler)
    U10 Div 1 - 1st Roland Park (Kulinski) 9-10 Rec - 1st Cockeysville (Becker)    
    U10 Div 1 - 2nd Oxford (Hillegass) 9-10 Rec - 2nd Forest Hill (Leed)    
    U10 Div 2 - 1st White Marsh (Ginski) U10 Open - 1st White Marsh (Redmer) U10 Open - 1st Hickory (Rohlfing)
    U10 Div 2 - 2nd LTRC (Kihn) U10 Open - 2nd API (Vaught) U10 Open - 2nd Forest Hill (Hart)
    U11 Div 1 - 1st White Marsh (Redmer) 11-12 Rec - 1st Fallston (Manolis) 11-12A Rec - 1st Roland Park (Tannebaum)
    U11 Div 1 - 2nd Warriors (Posey) 11-12 Rec - 2nd Hamilton (Jackson) 11-12A Rec - 2nd roland Park (Rollfinke)
    U11 Div 2 - 1st Putty Hill (Arango) U11 Open - 1st Hickory (Rohlfing) 11-12B Rec - 1st Hanover (Carmody)
    U11 Div 2 - 2nd White Marsh (Rommel) U11 Open - 2nd Dulaney (Mummert) 11-12B Rec - 2nd Whie Marsh (Nickols)
    U12 Div 1 - 1st Dulaney (Mummert) U12-1 Open - 1st API (Jones) U11A Open - 1st York Rev (Kreiger)
    U12 Div 1 - 2nd BCC Big Train (Basso) U12-1 Open - 2nd So Md (Hock) U11A Open - 2nd Arena Starz (Worthington)
    U12 Div 2 - 1st Roland Park (Tremblay) U12-2 Open - 1st White Marsh (Gaeta) U11B Open - 1st Northeast (Garvis)
    U12 Div 2 - 2nd Hendon (Broussard) U12-2 Open - 2nd Titans (Golberg) U11B Open - 2nd Titans (Golberg)
    U12 Div 3 - 1st No Harford (Dawson)     U12 Open - 1st Hickory (Skandalis)
    U12 Div 3 - 2nd Putty Hill (Hanke)     U12 Open - 2nd Diam Pros (Messercola)
    U13 Div 1 - 1st Bulldog (Meckley) 13-14A Rec - 1st SW York (Caler) 13-14A Rec - 1st Bel Air (Walinski)
    U13 Div 1 - 2nd Baseball Wareh(Snider) 13-14A Rec - 2nd Roland Park (Rollfinke) 13-14A Rec - 2nd Hereford (Power)
    U13 Div 2 - 1st Crabfest (Dipino) 13-14B Rec - 1st Rattlers (Peters) 13-14B Rec - 1st SJ Knights (Consolo)
    U13 Div 2 - 2nd Fruitland (Atkinson) 13-14B Rec - 2nd Cockeysville (Graziano) 13-14B Rec - 2nd Glen Rock (Moronic)
        U13 Open - 1st Towsontowne (Bayne) U13 Open - 1st API (Selmer)
        U13 Open - 2nd Putty Hill ( Piche) U13 Open - 2nd White Marsh (Winkler)
    U14 Div 1 - Diamondtown (Bursler) U14 Open - 1st Olney (Kluska) U14 Open - 1st Danville (Persing)
    U14 Div 1 - Chiefs (Morris) U14 Open - 2nd Manchester (Reynolds) U14 Open - 2nd Frederick (Lee)
    U14 Div 2 - 1st LTRC (Hart)        
    U14 Div 2 - 2nd UMAC (Tilton)        
    U15 Renegades (Peters) U16 Open - 1st Boonsboro (Crampton) U16 Open - 1st White Marsh (Burton)
    U15 Redbirds (Tacka) U16 Open - 2nd Am Leg (Friesen) U16 Open - 2nd Md Blue Crabs (Roark)
    U16 - 1st Titans (Adams) U16 Rec - 1st Stembridge (Davies) U16 Rec - Co-CH Bel Air (Johnson)
    U16 - 2nd Towson (Woolley) U16 Rec - 2nd White Marsh (Gardner) U16 Rec - Co-CH Pasadena (Granger)
    U19 - 1st Roland Park (Doak) U19 Rec - 1st Mudhens (Zamerski) U19 Rec - 1st Rosedale (Kroner)
    U19 - 2nd Essex (Davies) U19 Rec - 2nd Forest Hill (Celuch) U19 Rec - 2nd Balto Demons (Cook)
        U19 Open - 1st Renegades (Kerns) U19 Open - 1st Md Monsters (Ryan)
        U19 Open - 2nd Manchester (Barlow) U19 Open - 2nd Columbia (Hart)

    2017 2016 2015
    U8 - 1st AYRA (Futrell) U8 - 1st Olney (Maxwell) U8 - 1st Brooklin Pk (Emrich)
    U8 - 2nd Stembridge (Street) U8 - 2nd AYRA (Byrns) U8 - 2nd EYO (Tyree)
            9-10A Rec - 1st Solanco Titans (Groff)
            9-10A Rec - 2nd Towsontowne (Wedgeworth)
    U9 - 1st Emmorton (Roberts) U9 - 1st McLean (Carr) U9 Open - 1st Carroll Manor (Miller)
    U9 - 2nd Blue Ridge (Munchel) U9 - 2nd McLean (Chandler) U9 Open - 2nd Olney (Chatterton)
    U10 - 1st Perry Hall (Pruitt) U10 - 1st Gambrills (McNally) U10 Open - 1st Gambrills (Steinberg)
    U10 - 2nd Gambrills (McNally) U10 - 2nd Kidball (Pinto) U10 Open - 2nd Mason Dixon (Heaps)
    U11 - 1st White Marsh (Redmer) U11 - 1st Gambrills (Steinberg)    
    U11 - 2nd Gambrills (McNally) U11 - 2nd Keystone (Seitz)    
    U12 - 1st SFX Huskies (Martinez) U12 Open - 1st Boonsboro (Gordon) U12 Open - 1st Redbird (Lopez)
    U12 - 2nd LF Archers (Keys) U12 Open - 2nd Rockville (Brunner) U12 Open - 2nd Boonsboro (Gordon)
        U12 Rec - 1st Edgemere (Kline) 11-12A Rec - 1st Clarksburg (D'Attilio)
        U12 Rec - 2nd Stembridge (Hines) 11-12A Rec - 2nd Towsontowne (Bruns)
        U14 Rec - 1st Carlisle (Chestnut) 13-14A Rec - 1st HCYP (Hamsher)
        U14 Rec - 2nd HCYP (Hughey) 13-14A Rec - 2nd HCYP (Marshall)
    U13 - 1st Lake Shore (Domowski) U13 - 1st Olney Bucs (Stewart) U13 Open - 1st Lake Shore (Potter)
    U13 - 2nd ESP (Kline) U13 - 2nd Olney Allstars (Smith) U13 Open - 2nd Olney (Sahady)
    U14 - 1st Bowie (Buck) U14 Open - 1st DC BB (Friel) U14 Open - 1st Diamondtown (Lee)
    U14 - 2nd Towsontowne (Bruns U14 Open - 2nd Liberty Rd (Graham) U14 Open - 2nd Emmorton (Shannon)
    U15 - 1st Rattlers (Peters)     U16-1 Open - 1st Frederick Co (Wigfield)
    U15 - 2nd Elkridge (McMillan)     U16-1 Open - 2nd Diamond Pro (Wareheim)
    U16 - 1st E-Town BB (Lorman) U16 - 1st Frederick Co (Wigfield) U16-2 Open - 1st Pasadena (Sacha)
    U16 - 2nd Moose BB (Thompson) U16 - 2nd Liberty Rd (Allen) U16-2 Open - 2nd Stembridge (Davies)
    U19 - 1st Essex (Davies) U19 - 1st Pasadena (Granger) U19 Open - 1st Joppatowne (Rachuba)
    U19 - 2nd Moose BB (Thompson) U19 - 2nd Joppatowne (Rachuba) U19 Open - 2nd Parkville (Reider)